Monday, June 3, 2013

Arkitektkopia launches Byggnet in Finland

Arkitektkopia is the largest reprographics enterprise in Sweden…..

Arkitektkopia launches Byggnet in Finland

Byggnet is a group of cloud-based applications designed to streamline document management in the construction and real estate industry. There is already Byggnet well established in Sweden and Norway and is now being launched in Finland, which will strengthen its position as the leading product in this field.

Byggnet Access helps companies simplify distribution of drawings and other documentation between multiple actors in a construction project. One of the modules within Byggnet helps to reduce and streamline the construction errors deviation by the claimed mobile app Byggnet Verify. Even Byggnet Subscribe and Byggnet Secure, included in the group, are developed by Arkitektkopia. The products have in recent years experienced very rapid growth in the Swedish and Norwegian markets.

Introducing Byggnet in Finland together with partner Multiprint Oy. The company is a leader in pressure in Finland and has a strong presence in the construction industry. Multi Print is a barely twenty locations around Finland and Estonia. Multiprint already working with a wide range of applications, but has for some time been looking for the right type of cloud services to customers in the construction and real estate.

"Arkitektkopia's mission is to facilitate our clients' communications with comprehensive solutions comprising applications, services, and information in printed and digital form. Multi Print is a really strong partner to Arkitektkopia in Finland and we are excited that this is just the beginning of an international expansion of Byggnet. Before the year is out we will have launched at least one other European country, "says Lars Franzén, CEO of Arkitektkopia.

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