Sunday, June 9, 2013

"Floor Plans Database" for Residential Properties for Sale

It’s totally irritating when you visit a house that’s for sale, but all the Realtor makes available to you is a flyer or brochure that contains a list of features and some photographs.  This doesn’t just apply to when you visit a property, but applies, as well, to when you visit a Realtor’s Internet site.

If I’m interested in a property, I want a set of floor plans for that property.  Those floor plans document room sizes, how the property’s interior is laid out and the spatial relationship of the rooms.  Is my furniture going to fit, where am I going to hang my art, where am I going to place my sculptures, and how big are the closets?

Where is this lost data?  The “data” I’m speaking of are the floor plans that were designed by the architect when the property was first built or when the property was last renovated.  I mean, c’mon, this data is somewhere!

How about getting a group together to gather up and publish-in-the-cloud floor plans for houses in and around the U.S.  So that, when a property is listed for sale, the Realtor with the listing can search the “floor plans” database and then, for a fee, provide a link to the floor plans.

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