Thursday, June 27, 2013

Toshiba Unveils World’s First Multifunction Product Incorporating Erasable Toner

Portions of a Press Release issued by Toshiba America Business Solutions:

IRVINE, Calif. — To help change the paradigm of how organizations print while promoting a new era of corporate environmental sensibility, Toshiba America Business Solutions today introduces its e-STUDIO306LP/RD30 multifunction product (MFP).

By incorporating a unique toner, the leading managed document services (MDS) provider and business printing solutions innovator’s new device is capable of erasing images and text output allowing for the reuse of paper.

The e-STUDIORD30 unit is where a page’s output is erased. By applying heat, the toner color is effectively removed, thereby erasing any output on the page. For archival purposes, the eraser unit can also be configured to scan any documents to a network file location or USB drive prior to performing the erasing.

Reusable paper – which has been erased – is returned to the unit’s upper drawer while output that is unable to be fully erased is sent to the e-STUDIORD30’s bottom drawer to be recycled.

Blog Publisher’s comments:
(1)    the easiest way to save paper is to not print the document (to paper) in the first place.  Distribute an electronic version of the document.
(2)    While this might save paper, there’s a cost of labor involved – someone has to go to the unit to erase the paper.
(3)    OMG, I see government agencies loving this new “erasable” feature. Saving paper, wasting time.

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