Wednesday, June 12, 2013

"RAPID 2013" will end tomorrow; I wonder why none of the print-industry publications or web-sites had this event on their calendars

RAPID 2013 will end tomorrow; I wonder why none of the print-industry publications or web-sites had this event on their calendars

Well, for those of you in the Reprographics Industry who are interested in learning more and more about the 3D Printing business (and industry), the expo and conference that I just found out about would have been a good one for you to attend.  (Well, I guess there's always "next year".)

RAPID 2013, billed as “North America’s Definitive Additive Manufacturing Event”, began on June 10th and will wrap up on June 13th.  RAPID 13 has around 200 exhibitors and is taking place at the David Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, PA.

Featured Technologies
Attendees visit the RAPID event to research 
and source the latest equipment, materials 
and services in additive manufacturing,
3D printing and 3D imaging.

Additive/Rapid Manufacturing
3-Dimensional Printing
Direct Digital Manufacturing
Direct Metal Deposition
Direct Metal Fabrication
Direct Metal Laser Sintering
Direct Metal Tooling
Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)
Model Making
Prototyping & Engineering Services
Rapid Manufacturing
Rapid Prototyping
Rapid Tooling
Selective Laser Melting
Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)
Service Bureaus
Solid Modeling
Stereolithography (SLA)

Manufacturing Processes & Support
Electron Beam Manufacturing
Finishing & Coating
Freeform Fabrication
Investment Casting
Laser Cutting
Laser Melting
Machining/Prototype/Short Run
Part Design
Pattern Making
Service Bureaus

3D IMAGING (Scanning)
Quality Control
Reverse Engineering
Reverse Modeling
Software, Supplies & Services


Mold & Mold Making
Compression Molding
Injection Molding Equipment
Mold, Tool & Die Design
Moldmaking Services

Finite Element Analysis
Inspection Systems & Equipment
Measuring and Control Technology
Measuring Tools and Equipment

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  1. I think that the marketplace is just beginning to surface the wide variety of applications that 3D printing addresses and the Rapid Prototyping applications probably seemed more relevant to manufacturers than to service providers. There are SO many tentacles to this technology that I think the focus is just beginning to sharpen.