Saturday, June 29, 2013

Survey for General Contractors re: “Reprographics”

Just to let you know, Reprographics 101 has just launched, on a limited (test) basis for now, a Survey for General Contractors, RE: “Reprographics”.

It is difficult (like “pulling teeth”, would be the most appropriate expression) to get Reprographers to participate in surveys, so I won’t be at all surprised if very few General Contractors participate in the survey we’ve released to their community.

Our test of this survey consisted of publishing an announcement about the survey (and a link to the Survey) in the LinkedIn Group of the “Gulf Coast Chapter” of Associated Builders & Contractors (ABC).  (ABC Gulf Coast Chapter includes the Tampa Bay Area of FL and metro areas immediately surrounding that area.)  If we get even a few participants from that area, we will do our best to find other methods of getting the word out to other GC communities around the U.S.  (Joel’s note:  I might also directly contact several GC’s that I used to do business with, simply to encourage them to participate in the Survey.)

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