Sunday, June 9, 2013

iPlanTables, Kevin Rowe’s venture, has released “MostCurrentSet”

After e-mailing back and forth with Kevin, it looks like MostCurrentSet works like this:

After an A/E/C firm (or team) has made the decision to employ the use of MostCurrentSet, drawings, specifications and/or other documents are printed with embedded QR Codes.

Note:  Kevin suggests to A/E/C firms that they ask their Reprographers to do this for them, and, evidently, Kevin will license Reprographers so that they can print QR Codes on the documents.  Kevin will also do this directly for A/E/C firms, if their reprographers won’t do this for them.

Once the documents (plans, specs other documents) have embedded QR codes, the QR codes can be scanned, and, once that’s done, the holder of the document is informed as to whether he/she has the “most current version” of the document.  And, if the holder of the document does not have the most current version, he/she can download the most current version.

Example; I’m at the construction site with a set of plans; I go to plan-sheet “A-17”, then scan (with my iPhone) the QR Code that appears on sheet A-17.  That action queries the document database for that set of plans.  That query comes back with some sort of alert - - - that sheet A-17 in my set isn’t the most current version - - - and tells me that A-17.1 is now the most current version.  I go ahead and download A-17.1.  (I guess that I’ll have to, at some later point when I’m back in the office, print A-17.1 and replace sheet A-17 in my set with sheet A-17.1.)

Kevin refers to this technology as “smart paper.”  Kevin also says, “consider it information insurance against using the wrong information to build or collaborate.”

If you want to discuss “MostCurrentSet” technology with Kevin, go to for contact information.

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