Thursday, June 6, 2013

GBC's New Line of Spire Wide-Format Laminators

June 2013

GBC has launched its new line of Spire wide-format laminators, available in Spire I, II, III, and IV Series.
The Spire I series includes Spire I 54C, a 54-in. entry-level cold laminating system with a 1.375-in. mounting gap, foot pedal, and speeds up to 16 ft/min; the Spire II Series includes Spire II 64Ct, a 64-in. mid-range cold laminating system complete with top heat assist, a 2-in. mounting gap, and speeds up to 16 ft/min; and the Spire III series includes Spire III 44T, a 44-in. thermal laminating system featuring full top and bottom heat, a 2-in. mounting gap, cold capability with heat assist, and speeds up to 17 ft/min.
All models are equipped with laminating and mounting features for tradeshow graphics, backlit and rigid displays, and vehicle graphics. The laminators are capable of mounting to thicker substrates and finishing at variable speeds of up to 30 ft/min, plus feature accessible control panel for easy adjustments, all-steel construction, and custom configuration with optional add-ons.
Spire I 64C, Spire II 54C, Spire II 64C, Spire III 64T, and Spire IV 64T are also in the group of 8 new laminators.

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