Monday, June 10, 2013

More on Fuji Xerox's new Memjet-powered wide-format printer. (And, where's OCE's Memjet-powered Velocity printer?)

In May, when Reprographics 101 was being published on the IRgA web-site, I posted a note about Fuji Xerox’s launch of its “Docuwide C842 Wide-Format Printer”.

I think I failed to mention that this new printer from Fuji Xerox is based on Memjet printing technology - - - very, very fast print-output speed.

I just found this article from an Australian web-site.  (see below).

Anyway, to go a bit further, on March 1, 2011, Reprographics 101 broke the news that Xerox (USA) was exiting the wide-format imaging equipment business in the United States.

With the launch of this new, incredibly fast printer, is there the chance that Xerox in the U.S. will resume offering wide-format equipment in the United States?  If not, then how will Reprographers in the U.S. be able to acquire this new Fuji Xerox wide-format printer?

And, when’s OCE’s Memjet-powered “Velocity” going to hit the market?

Fuji Xerox Australia is launching the Memjet-based DocuWide C842, calling it the fastest wide-format printer currently available in the market, with print speeds rated at up to 152.4 mm per second, and with printing on media up to 1,067 mm (42″) wide. 
The DocuWide C842 is designed for applications in design, advertising, manufacturing, construction, engineering, and other sectors that require fast turnarounds with added variable data inputs. The full-color inkjet DocuWide C842 uses five stationary Memjet page-wide print heads arranged and fixed in a zigzag formation. These print heads simultaneously produce jets of four color inks (CMYK) to enable one-pass printing.
According to Fuji Xerox, the DocuWide C842′s output speed is fast enough to cover (in square metres):
            A standard doubles tennis court (260.87 sqm) in under 50 minutes.
            An Olympic-sized swimming pool (1250 sqm) in just over 4 hours.
            An average Australian home (230 sqm) in 41 minutes.
            90 x regulation billiard tables (328.5 sqm in total) in 1 hour.
            An A0 sheet of paper in 8.6 seconds, and an A1 sheet of paper in 4.9 seconds.
Resolution is 1,600 x 1,600 dpi, and the printer incorporates a newly developed ink circulating system that’s said to eliminate air bubbles and impurities.
The DocuWide C842 can also print on media up to five metres long, making it suitable for applications such as printing exhibition signage, in-store displays, posters, illustrations, perspective drawings, technical document texts and photographs.
Paper is supplied via four rolls, paper direction or rotation is automatically adjusted, and the printer prints on both uncoated and coated media. Users can also print sample prints in an ink-saving mode. 
One of the first customers for the DocuWide C842 is Pegasus Print Group. Wayne Finkelde, CEO of Pegasus Print Grouop, reported, “We were thrilled when Fuji Xerox Australia invited Pegasus Print Group to participate in an early customer acceptance testing program. The DocuWide C842 has delivered significant improvements and new opportunities in our business. We have seen processes streamlined and turnaround times greatly reduced. This technology has the potential to create new markets and create value for our customers  In fact, we can already see the benefits for our customers and the new markets we can now serve.

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