Thursday, January 26, 2012

ARC's shares surged above $6.00 today; let's take a quick look at Stadium Capital's investment in ARC

I noticed a few minutes ago that ARC’s shares surged above $6.00 today.

I’ve done several previous posts on the blog about Stadium Capital’s aggressive accumulation of ARC shares, from August 23rd until now, after Stadium Capital first did an SEC Form 4 filling to indicate that they owned 10% or more of ARC’s stock.

Here’s a quick look at how Stadium Capital’s investment in ARC shares since August 23rd. Note that the table below only considers the shares that Stadium Capital has purchased since August 23rd, 2011. Stadium Capital owns another huge slug of ARC stock that it purchased before August 23rd, and Stadium Capital’s cost-per-share for its prior purchases – purchases before August 23rd - might be over or under the price-per-share that ARC’s stock was trading at today.

Number of shares purchased


ARC stock price mid-day Jan 26

$ 6.09

Value of these shares

$ 4,545,685.62

Cost of these shares


Unrealized gain, as of today

$ 1,676,406.57

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