Friday, January 27, 2012

Conversation with the now ex-CEO of Alphagraphics

Cary Sherburne, one of the contributors to the web-site, had a conversation with the now ex-CEO of Alphagraphics. (Alphagraphics now has a new owner, Blackstreet Capital, and Blackstreet Capital and Alphagraphics’ CEO, Frank Cushing, decided to part ways.)

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AlphaGraphics Has a New Owner

By Cary Sherburne (January 27, 2012)

Rumors that AlphaGraphics was on the blocks proved to be true when the company announced it had a new owner. Senior Editor Cary Sherburne spoke to CEO Kevin Cushing to get the story behind the story for our readers.


  1. If you are "practicing journalism" at least try and get a name right -- it is KEVIN -- not Frank.

  2. Correction noted!

    And, as to your comment, "practicing journalism", F.Y.