Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Got Excess Wide-Format Printers and Systems and want to sell it?

For those of you – in the U.S. and perhaps in Europe as well – who have excess wide-format digital printing equipment, you might be interested in reading this post.

Yesterday afternoon, I noticed a post in the IRgA Group on LinkedIn by a guy by the name of Bob Aspland who is in the business of selling “used” wide-format imaging equipment in China and Hong Kong. Below, I’m going to re-publish the comment he made in his post:

Bob Aspland • “This survey is a great idea. What might be of interest is to share the most profitable way members are selling their used (off-lease) Wide Format Printers and other items. Would not be a bad idea for IRGA members to come together to organize selling these Wide Format Printers at an increased profit. My main customers are in Mainland China and Hong Kong - they are the real buyers of your equipment, not the brokers in America (both Chinese and American). There are at least three layers of distribution with the middle-men making the lion-share of the money. 
Suggestion: I am back in the states, let's set up meetings with all members in one location Chicago, New York, Dallas or Los Angeles. I will provide actual invoices from the brokers I buy from and the actual invoice prices my customers in China pay. You know what you get - now you can see how you can increase your profits. Plan Long Term. Work as one team; sell directly to the Chinese - I will only be your agent and we all see how much each of us makes - with increased profits. Any Answers? 


When I first read Bob’s post, I had no idea he existed, who he was, or what he did. So, I went on to look at his LinkedIn profile, which is as follows:

Bob Aspland, President of Largest Importer of Off Lease Wide Format Printers from US into China, China International Trade and Development

Then years ago Aspland International introduced DIGITAL ES into China, which began a great relationship between Tom McNew and Aspland International. Digital ES had no experience selling into PR of China and we (Aspland International and Digital created the market). Digital bought the WFP from you and I built the distribution channel in China. Several times Tom said, "Bobby you support 5 families here and if it weren't for you, I wouldn't have a business". That is great teamwork. 
My first trip to Mainland China was a state sponsored speaking tour in July of 1997. I made the move to Hong Kong and Shenzhen almost 4 years ago. I am the only Westerner in the Wide Format business who lives and operates with a Chinese Staff out of Shenzhen and Hong Kong. I have incorporated in Hong Kong, SAR because it has the rule of law. I have my staff in Shenzhen because that is where business happens. My staff is small, I keep overhead low and we create American jobs. Aspland International is the largest importer of Wide Format Printers into Mainland China and is now developing new markets in the Middle East and India.

Specialties: International Trading of Wide Format Printers

Experience: Owner/President

Aspland International Ltd (Hong Kong)

International Trade and Development industry

January 2001 – Present (11 years 1 month)

Currently Trading Wide Format Printers (Oce), Kip, HP and others for sale to Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Viet Nam and others -

Above, Bob mentions Tom McNew and his company, Digital ES. Inasmuch as Tom has been an exhibitor at many past IRgA conventions, I’m sure that most reprographers know who Tom is.

Bob Aspland’s contact info: info@bobaspland.com

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  1. Received via an e-mail through LinkedIn:

    Bob Aspland has sent you a message.
    Date: 1/27/2012
    Subject: Your blog and Aspland International
    Hello Joel,

    Thanks for getting the word out there of my company, Aspland International. I have gotten several very high level emails and calls as a result of your blog entry. Your blog carries alot of weight, thank you for the boost.


    Bob Aspland

    Robert Aspland
    Aspland International Limited
    Rightful Centre, Suite 1902-4, 19/F
    11 -12 Tak Hing Street, Jordan
    Kowloon, Hong Kong, SAR
    Hong Kong/Shenzhen Office 852 8191 4927

    New York Number: 347 756 4322