Monday, January 16, 2012

Give your input, share your ideas with the Board of Directors of the IRgA !!!

In February, the Board of Directors of the IRgA will be holding a meeting and the main topic of the meeting (I’m guessing) will be the future direction of the IRgA.

Here’s what Steve Bova (Executive Director of the IRgA) said in a recent post in the IRgA Group on LinkedIn (and thank you, Steve, for plugging my blog):

Steve Bova • Thanks Joel. IRgA Board meets in February. The more chatter that's in this group, the more the board will know about the needs of the industry and how the IRgA might help meet those needs. Thanks to Joel for sharing his info. Everyone should join his blog!

To members of the Reprographer community … the IRgA Board needs your input, let your suggestions be known! Visit the IRgA Group on LinkedIn and contribute to the discussion.

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