Monday, January 30, 2012

Associated Builders and Contractors Chief Economist’s Outlook for 2012

In December, ABC’s Chief Economist released a PowerPoint presentation file that contains his “outlook” for 2012.

First, his bio…..

Anirban Basu Chief Economist Associated Builders and Contractors

Anirban Basu is Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) chief economist. His primary responsibility is to provide ABC members with timely, comprehensive analyses on important trends in the U.S. commercial and industrial construction industry. He produces ABC’s Construction Backlog Indicator (CBI) which is based on a monthly survey of various ABC members and measures work to be performed by contractors to assess the health of the construction industry.

In addition, he produces the one-page, economic news report Construction Economic Update, with analysis of one or a combination of the following federal government economic indicators including construction spending, employment, producer price index and gross domestic product. Basu also writes a monthly article for Construction Executive magazine.

Basu is Chairman and CEO of Sage Policy Group, Inc., an economic and policy consulting firm in Baltimore, Maryland. He is one of the Mid-Atlantic region’s most recognizable economists, in part because of his consulting work on behalf of numerous clients, including prominent developers, bankers, brokerage houses, energy suppliers and law firms.

Basu has Bachelor of Science degree in foreign service from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. He received a master of public policy degree from Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government in 1992, and a Master of Arts degree in mathematical economics from the University of Maryland in 1998. Additionally, Basu received a juris doctor degree from the University Of Maryland School Of Law in 2003, and is a member of the Maryland bar.

Second, Mr. Basu’s presentation contains a number of slides, among them, projections for construction industry activity.

One of those slides contains projections for 2.6% growth in “Non-Residential” Construction. (This particular slide’s source is the U.S. Census Bureau).

In 2012, growth is anticipated in these sectors: Power, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Commercial, Office, Lodging, Religious, Amusement and Recreation, Conservation and development, and Water Supply

In 2012, this sector, Sewage and waste disposal, is expected to be flat.

In 2012, these sectors are expected to decline: Education, Highway and street, Public safety and Transportation.

Here’s a link to the PowerPoint presentation file:

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