Monday, January 23, 2012

GSA Schedule – Federal Supply Schedule – Reprographers, have you ever done this or considered doing this?

GSA = General Services Administration, a unit of the U.S. Federal Government.

At our first reprographics company, which was based in the Washington, DC area, we did a fair amount of business with Federal Government agencies operating in the DC area, but none of the business we did with Federal Government agencies was done because we were on the “GSA Schedule”. Frankly, we never took the time to explore how that works or the time to apply for being listed as a GSA Schedule services (or product) vendor.

Well, I just mentioned that we were never on the GSA Schedule, but (in spite of that), we did do a fair amount of reprographics work for various Federal Government agencies, including the Veterans Department, the Internal Revenue Service, the Department of State, the Architect of the Capitol, just to name a few.

But some firms in the reprographics / graphic imaging services and equipment business have done that – made application, and been approved, to be on the GSA Schedule.

This morning, I did a bit of research to see if I could locate companies who are, or who have been, on the GSA Schedule for reprographics or document production services (and/or for reprographics equipment), and, after researching this for about one hour, I came up with the following companies who are (or who were previously) listed as GSA Schedule vendors (Note that I’ve placed links to each company’s GSA Schedule services/products and pricing, with the exception that pricing is not, for some reason, included on RPG’s GSA Schedule document):


Reprographic Products Group (RPG)

AAB Imaging

CMC Repro & Associates

Sharpe Images


American Reprographics (but this is NOT ARC)

Allied Photocopy

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