Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Excelagraphix 4200 Memjet-enabled wide-format ink-jet printer from Xante - What are the answers to these questions?

The other day, I noticed that Xante (www.xante.com) now has up on its site information about its new Excelagraphix 4200. This is Xante’s Memjet-enabled wide-format ink-jet printer. This printer can produce output up to 42” wide.

According to the technical specs, this printer can print up to 12” per second. Which means, to a Reprographer who is printing 24 x 36 A/E/C plans, that, mathematically, the Excelagraphix 4200 is capable of producing 30 – 24 x 36 prints per minute! That’s blazing fast.

However, we do not know yet if this printer is capable of doing high-volume print-production work at the blazing speed advertised.

I submitted a brief list of questions to Xante, but, so far, I’ve not received a reply.

These are the questions I’d like Xante to respond to:

1) what is the price of the Excelagraphix 4200?

2) what is the cost of service?

3) what are the costs for consumables?

4) will Xante be offering a print-stacking unit?

5) can the unit print from roll-media?

6) when will Xante begin deliveries?

Reprographers, how about submitting these same questions to Xante on your own. Maybe that will provoke a response from Xante.

Here’s a link to the advertisement for the Excelagraphix 4200 wide-format, Memjet-enabled ink-jet printer:


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