Tuesday, August 30, 2011

3D Printing Technology - 3D Printers from Objet

Admittedly, I’m not an expert when it comes to “3D Printing Technology.” (Actually, I’m not an expert on anything, but, whatever.)

This morning, I noticed a piece on LinkedIn that mentioned that Entire Imaging (Toronto), led by Ernie Chiodo, long one of the reprographics industry’s most progressive owner/managers, has installed a new 3D printer, an Objet 500 Connex500 3D printer.

So, simply because of Ernie’s reputation and credentials, I decided to locate and visit Objet’s web-site.

Here’s the address of Objet’s web-site:


Objet has a lot of different models of 3D printers, and, if you are a reprographer interested in diversifying the services you offer, you should, in my opinion, visit Objet’s web-site and read up on what they say about their equipment, applications for 3D printing, etc.

Objet has offices in different parts of the world. Their U.S. office is located in a suburb of Boston. I’m going to contact them to see if I can get a demonstration of their 3D printing systems.

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