Monday, August 15, 2011

ABC Imaging's separate web-site for its BPOL-NG software product

I just noticed that ABC Imaging has a separate web-site for its “BPOL-NG” software product.

That web-site is located at this Internet address:

They have an interesting and well-developed “presentation” that is accessed by clicking on the “Services” tab, then clicking on the “Features” tab. That presentation takes you slide-by-slide through the features of BPOL-NG.

BPOL used to stand for “BluePrint On-Line”, but, since nomenclature is no longer mentioned, I’m guessing that ABC wants to get away from using the word “blueprinting” in its software products.

Years ago, when I was with NGI, one of my customers, thinking she was being funny, said that some of her team members referred to NGI as those “No Good Idiots”. Even though I have a sense of humor, I was not amused! I would imagine that ABC Imaging’s use of “NG” is say “Next Generation”. But, if my former customer were looking the “NG”, she would likely say that it stands for “No Good.”

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