Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Can I Charge My Customers for Web to Print?

Interesting article on http://thewebandprint.com, that I’d like to bring to your attention ……

Can I Charge My Customers for Web to Print?
On August 15, 2011 by Jennifer Matt

Remember a decade ago when we were talking about how to capture all the revenue from customers changes? I think that’s what printers are thinking – we’re investing our time and labor into something (a private web to print storefront) therefore it should be charagble. We’re thinking about it from our perspective instead of the customers – value has migrated from manufacturing to the ease of order entry – you have to invest where the customer value focus is!

After speaking at several venues over the last few months, the one question that gets asked every time I’m talking to printers about web to print is:

“Can we or should we be charging for our web to print solutions?”

First and foremost the easiest answer to this question is; you can of course charge for anything you want as long as you have a customer base that is willing to pay you.

I could see it in the audience’s reaction – they so much wanted me to give them a clear/definitive answer to this question. I could not deliver on that because the fact that we are asking this question reveals a lot about where we are as an industry.

We don’t get it. (yet)

I encourage you to click on this link so that you can read the complete article, including comments posted to that article:


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