Monday, August 22, 2011

What you get when you buy shares in American Reprographics (ARC)

If you are considering / evaluating the purchase of ARC shares (now that they are nice and low), remember that, when you purchase shares of ARC, you are, in essence, gaining ownership of all of these formerly independent companies, all for the current price of ARC.

The other day, I purchased a new mouse, and I decided to give it some “cut and paste” exercise. You’ll see, below, that I’ve put the company names in alphabetical order (at least, A-Z). For the most part, the company names in the first part of the list appeared in ARC’s last-filed 10-K Annual Report to the SEC. (The list does not include any acquisitions completed by ARC since December 31, 2010.) I’ve added some, from memory, that did not appear in the 10-K.

If I missed a few, excuse me. If anyone wants to add any missing companies to the list, e-mail me.

Formerly independent companies, now all operating as “ARC”:

Atlas Blueprint

Advance Reprographics

A&E Supply Company

A-C Reproduction Company

A-Plus Digital Reprographics

AEC Systems

American Draftsource

Blair Graphics

Blue Print Service Company

BPS Reprographics (same as above)

BRAT Blueprinting

Brownie’s Digital Imaging

Blueprints Plus

The Blue Print Company

Best Digital

Central Valley Reprographics

City Digital Imaging

Consolidated Reprographics

Crest Graphics

Dunn Blue Print

Dieterich — Post

Digital Reprographics

Dayton Blue Print Company

DBS Engineering Repro Systems

Detroit Reprographics

Elite Reprographics

Engineering Repro Systems


Ford Graphics (Micro Device, predecessor of ARC)

Gwyer Reprographics

Georgia Blue

Hudson Reprographics (Blueprint)

Imaging Technologies Services

IT Plus Technologies

Independent Printing Company


KV Blueprint

Kestrel Blueprint Company

Kansas Blue print

Letter Perfect Design



MBC Precision Imaging



Mathias Reprographics

Metro Digital Imaging

Mix Imaging

McKee Enterprises

Mirror Plus Technologies, Inc.

NGI Digital (National Graphic Imaging)


Orlando Reprographics

Olympic Reprographic, LLC

Peninsula Digital Imaging

Pikes Peak Reprographics

Queen City Reprographics

Reprographics Technologies (RTI, formerly Rowley-Scher Reprographics)

Reliable Graphics

RK Digital

Resource Imaging Supply

Reprographics Northwest

Rapid Blueprint Supply Co.

Reprographics Arlington

Reprographics Dallas

Reprographics Fort Worth

Reprographics Roanoke

Rhode Island Blueprint


Ridgway’s Digital Imaging of Destin

RCMS Group

Superior Reprographics


Tacoma Reprographics

Tampa Reprographics

Torrence Document Service

T-Square Express

University Imaging


Western Blue Print Company

Other ARC operating companies:

American Reprographics Co.

Riot Creative Imaging

Licensing Services International, LLC

ARC BIM Services Group

ARC Document Solutions

Planwell, LLC

The PEiR Group

The above lists intentionally exclude ARC’s non-U.S. acquisitions or operations

Some of the older reprographics companies acquired by companies acquired by ARC, prior to ARC beginning its acquisition program (i.e., names from the old days):

AB Camp Reproduction Company

Blodgett Reproductions

Engineering Graphics

A&E Blueprinters

Max Scher Blueprints

The Sepia Shop

Heller Reproductions

K&E Cooper-Trent

Allied Reproduction Service

Hot Off The Press

White’s Blueprint Service


  1. Advance Reprographics is not owned or operating under ARC flag. Just fyi.

  2. Buying all these companies at under $ 4.00 per share sounds good.

    The $ 200 million dollar loan plus $ 50 million revolving credit,

    With sales down 60% and a $ 89 million dollar loss last quarter

    Scares me half to death. But what's the old saying ? The time to buy is when

    there is blood in the streets. The side lines are looking comforting about now.

  3. There is an "Advance Reprographics" listed in ARC's 10-K, so it does appear that ARC did, at some point, acquire a company by that name. And, it is possible that, at some point, there were two or more companies in the U.S. operating with that name.