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AECBYTES.COM’s author reviews Revit Technology Conference

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Inaugural Revit Technology Conference 2011 in the US

AECbytes Feature
August 4, 2011

Article Summary

The inaugural US Revit Technology Conference, known as RTC for short, was held in the Huntington Beach area of Los Angeles a few weeks ago. The RTC actually originated in Australia in 2005 as an expanded Revit user group meeting, and has grown into a full-fledged conference that continues to be held annually in Australia. The RTC 2011 event in Los Angeles attracted about 300 attendees and several exhibitors. I found it refreshingly different from the events I typically attend—since it is organized by users rather than vendors, you get a chance to listen to some candid, unvarnished comments about applications that you typically do not hear at more conventional industry events. Also, many of the sessions were engaging and informative.

This article provides an overview of the RTC and describes in detail some of the key sessions that were presented, including the keynote address by Autodesk CEO Carl Bass and an inside look at Revit by one of its earliest developers. A summary of the other sessions I was able to attend is also included. An overview of the different technologies that were being exhibited at the RTC will be covered separately in a dedicated article later this month.

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