Monday, August 8, 2011

An Interesting Approach to offering ePlanroom Services (

Evidently, three “Carolinas” reprographers teamed-up to offer an ePlanroom service – for “Public Projects” - for the Carolinas (for those of you who are from outside the U.S., that means North Carolina and South Carolina, two different states located next to each other.)

McGee CADD Graphics

McGee operates locations in:

Wilmington, NC

Fayetteville, NC

Greenville, NC

Jacksonville, NC

Myrtle Beach, SC

Metro Reprographic Services

Metro operates locations in:

Greenville, SC

Columbia, SC

Charleston Blueprint & Supply Company, Inc.

Charleston Blueprint is located in:

Charleston, SC

I also see the name “Blalock Enterprises, Inc., LTD, LLC” next to a few of the projects currently hosted in the Carolinas’ planroom, but I don’t know if they are a member of the joint venture because their name is not listed at the bottom of the page where the others are listed. To many of us in the reprographics industry, the name “Blalock” is synonymous with “reprographics”. If my memory serves me correctly, the Blalock family used to be heavily involved in the Ridgway’s operation and members of the Blalock family have owned (and may still own) reprographics businesses in Alaska, Colorado, Texas, Louisiana and elsewhere.

At the bottom of the CarolinasPlanRoom page, it says this:

PlanRoom provides web-based management of project specifications, plans, and addenda as well as a communications suite for architects and general contractors. Streamline your planning, bidding and project management with PlanRoom.

Link to snapshot I took of CarolinasPlanRoom web-page:

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