Tuesday, August 16, 2011

ARC "insider" purchase of ARC shares at $3.85 per share

On 8/12/11, Suri, Chairman, CEO and President of ARC, purchased (for the Suriyakumar Family Trust) approximately $50,000 worth of ARC stock, at just under $3.85 per share, as reported in a Form 4 filing with the SEC.

After ARC reported its Q2 2011 results (which some have characterized as ho-hum) and the downturn in the stock market, ARC shares fell as low as $3.54 per share, but, since that point, ARC’s shares have recovered, somewhat, and, this morning, were trading at around $4.15 per share. That means that, right at this moment, those newly purchased shares have gained approximately $3,800 in value.

Generally speaking, an investment in a company’s stock by a major insider shows that insider’s confidence that the company’s shares are worthy of investment.

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