Saturday, August 20, 2011

Google Analytics – Reprographics 101 – Visitor Reports – Countries and States

I’m *amused by the reports that Google Analytics generates about visitors who find their way to “Reprographics 101”. I check the statistics about once a week (when I have absolutely nothing better to do.) (*Yes, you are correct, it does not take much to amuse me, as I have a weird sense of humor.)

For your mutual enjoyment, I’ve placed, in my Google Docs library, a copy of two different reports (both reports are based on visits made to Reprographics 101 during the most recent 30 day period):

Visitors by State:

Visitors by Country:

To me, the most amusing report is the one that reports “visitors by country.”

Admittedly, I do know people in the reprographics business in Europe, so I’m not surprised that Repro 101 is visited by people located in The Netherlands, The Czech Republic, Spain, France, Russia, Hungary, Croatia, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Poland and by people located in the U.K.

But, I’ve never been to Jamaica, and I don’t know any reprographers in Jamaica, so, when I see that someone from Jamaica visited Repro 101 and spent 26 minutes on the blog (reading three articles on the blog), I have to assume that the person who visited the blog from Jamaica was a U.S. guy (or gal) on vacation in Jamaica (and the weather must have been lousy that day.)

Likewise for the visitor from Morocco who spent 17 minutes on the blog (reading 4.5 articles on the blog). A U.S. reprographer on vacation, and his/her spouse was sleeping-in-late and not ready to go touristing or shopping? That would be my guess.

Visitor from Sri Lanka? One of my ARC friends on vacation visiting with family?

I don’t profess to be an expert in Google Analytics – how it works, how it captures information , and whether that information is reliable, or not reliable. But, it’s free to use, so I use it.

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