Saturday, August 20, 2011

ABC Imaging is one of the sponsors of the LADTF (Los Angeles Design Technology Forum)

LADTF reveals technological insights to LA AEC firms

Washington, DC—August 15, 2011—The Los Angeles Design Technology Forum (LADTF) launches its fall speaker series on August 18 with a lecture by Dr. Anne Balsamo at UCLA Architecture and Urban Design, DeCafe in Perloff Hall.

LADTF is presented by ABC Imaging, a Washington, DC-based printing and document management company, and the AIA|LA Technology in Architectural Practice Committee, as well as leading architectural, engineering, and design firms and UCLA AUD.

"We're excited to connect talented designers and engineers with emerging technologies," said Charity Craig, Associate VP, ABC Imaging. "This collaboration encourages growth and development and expands architectural creativity and limits."

"The forum defines the way technology impacts the building industry and the built environment today," said Reg Prentice of Gensler-Los Angeles, "and the opportunity to engage with these speakers brings an important conversation to the Los Angeles design community."

From the LADTF web-site - - - "About the LADTF":

The Los Angeles Design Technology Forum is a collective organization representing a wide cross-section of architecture and engineering firms and academic institutions around the Los Angeles basin. It serves to increase awareness of technological innovations in design and construction, and to foster their application throughout the Los Angeles design community. By connecting a diverse audience of designers, engineers, builders and owners who have widely varying conceptions of technology in their work, we hope to create new opportunities for efficiency and creativity.

The Los Angeles Design Technology Forum is coordinated by Marty Doscher, Reg Prentice, Dennis Shelden, Randy Jefferson, and Kurt Komraus. 

The LADTF is brought to you by:

ABC Imaging

Synthesis Techology Integration

Buro Happold


Jefferson & Associates

Gehry Technologies

UCLA Architecture & Urban Design

AIA Los Angeles Chapter

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