Monday, August 15, 2011

Introduction to "Extranet Evolution" - a blog-site you should bookmark and follow

I found a very interesting blog-site this evening, and I’d like to share that site with reprographers who visit Reprographics 101.

It is called “Extranet Evolution” and is authored by Paul Wilkinson. Although Paul is a U.K. guy, not a U.S. guy, that doesn’t mean that he is not aware of what’s going on outside of the U.S.!

It says on the main page of the blog, “Construction, collaboration and IT: from extranets to Web 2.0 and beyond – (R)evolution in progress”.

From his background information, I extracted this:

“Writing about construction IT, I produced a guide on website development for Construct IT in 2000, and contributed technology chapters to books on construction business development, on partnering and collaborative working, and on e-business in construction. My book Construction Collaboration Technologies: The Extranet Evolution – the UK’s first guide on the subject – was published in September 2005 by Taylor and Francis.”

I found this blog while Googling on the Internet for articles about “project collaboration software and services” offered to the A/E/C Industry.

While doing my Googling, up popped mention of an article on Paul’s blog, where he talks about a recent deal that ASite entered into with Callprint. Callprint is a ReproMAX member (the only ReproMAX member in the U.K.). That deal is for ASite’s software products/services, which, in the U.K., Callprint will, evidently, market as “ASite”. (In the U.S., ReproMAX and its members are promoting ASite under the ReproMAX brand name, “cMAX.”) Callprint is also one of the three partners in LINK Document Services Group, partnered with Thomas Reprographics and NRI.

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