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ABC Employees Review ABC Imaging

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Date of post: November 25, 2011
ABC Imaging Account Management: (Current Employee)
“Stimulating and Rewarding”

We service world renowned architects and’s exciting to be a part of their world and to support their efforts. Amazing to watch a building, go from design to built through the drawing process.

Medi was an architect as well, and he brings that sensitivity to the company.

Global opportunities.

We are deadline oriented (as are our clients)...this, at times, can be stressful...but also, in the end rewarding.

Advice to Senior Management
Continue to empower at the local level and support the entrepreneurial spirit

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Date of post: February 11, 2012
ABC Imaging Production: (Current Employee)
“Disappointed daily after years of dedication.”

This is hard to think of. I have worked for ABC for years and I don't have many good things to say. I guess the best parts of my job are the people and my hours.

It is unfortunate but there are so many negatives with this company. The upper management continues to make empty promises about pay. There has not been a review or a raise for anyone in years. People come to work and put in minimum effort. There are no consequences to punctuality or performance because there are no reviews. So why perform well and be on time and put in 120% when no one will recognize it? This is how many people feel.
Basically to sum it up if you come work for ABC, you will immediately start looking for another job. The pay is low and the CEO has made no efforts to give back any of the pay cut that was issued a long time ago. Meanwhile the CEO goes on cruises and lavish expenditures while I can barely pay my mortgage and raise my family. I am just one of many in his eyes and it is sad. I have given so much to his company and he probably can’t remember my name. There is no interest in taking care of his employees. He is running the company to make a profit and he reaps the 1% that frustrates so many right now.

Advice to Senior Management
-Give raises.
-Treat us better. We are hard working people that make your company work and we deserve incentives to continue representing your company.
-Monthly meetings would be helpful. The communication LACKS right now.
-Reviews???? I guess you stopped giving those so we would not get false hope of receiving pay increases?
-Last but not least, my advice is to keep your word. You can't hide behind the economy excuse forever and you will lose all of your GOOD, knowledgeable people. People want to feel appreciated. People will leave and when your staff leaves, your clients will too. ABC is supposed to be better than the other printing competition but if things continue this way ABC will be the last place a client will go to be impressed. It comes from within. You can’t treat your employees poorly and think that your customers are happy. It will all trickle down.

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