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Thomas Reprographics Employees Review Thomas Reprographics

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Date of post: April 19th, 2010

Thomas Reprographics Anonymous in Dallas, TX: (Current Employee)

Thomas Reprographics is a third generation company, that has strong visions for the future


Production staff is very conscience (conscientious?) about the work they put out


The pay schedule is rather low, may not be possible to earn the amount of money as you might in other comparable jobs/industries

Advice to Senior Management

They probably should monitor the competition more closely. The competition seems to be taking jobs, so they are obviously monitoring our work

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Date of post: July 6th, 2010

Thomas Reprographics Print Production Tech in Houston, TX: (Past Employee - 2009)

Think twice!


Benefits, including health, dental and vision.


Management philosophy of doing more with less. Employees are hired, then when work slows down, they have a layoff. The number of employees hired is never enough to replace laid off workers.

If and when bonuses are given, bonus structure is weighed heavily in favor of management, with crumbs for employees.

Management cares nothing for your personal life. When big jobs come in, no thought is given to efficient use of manpower, instead everyone is expected to work overtime immediately.

Managers are bosses, responding only to upper management and the bottom line.

Advice to Senior Management

Reward loyalty and hard work. Don't be so obvious with your love of the bottom line.

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