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KIP c7800 - Xante Excelagraphix 4200 - OCE ColorWave

Recently, I did a post about Xante’s soon-to-be-released Excelagraphix 4200 wide-format ink-jet printer. And, I also posted KIP’s calendar/schedule for the launch of KIP’s new c7800 color, high-volume, production printer. One of KIP’s officers said this to me in an e-mail I received this morning…. “Response at the Atlanta show last week was fantastic!” At some point in the not-too-distant future, I hope to be able to cover the new ColorWave wide-format “crystal-point-technology” printer that OCE is rumored to be releasing sometime this year. At this point, I don’t know if the new ColorWave model will be faster or slower than the CW600 OCE released in May 2008 (in other words, I don’t know if the new ColorWave model will be a higher or lower volume model.)

About the new KIP c7800 ….. “the KIP C7800 is a high-speed, high-quality color and B&W production print system for wide-format applications that demand the highest levels of quality, speed and cost-efficiency. Ideal for a comprehensive range of technical and production needs, the KIP C7800 improves your output as it speeds your workflow — providing powerful print control capabilities and versatile production advantages, including a wide range of print submission methods, cloud-based printing, scan and copy, variable data printing and fully integrated stacking and folding. With all these advantages, the KIP C7800 saves serious time and money — making high-quality wide-format printing more cost-effective than ever before. Output is faster. Operation is simpler. Finishing is automatic. Reliability keeps you up and running to meet tight deadlines — and superior image quality will keep your customers coming back for more. The KIP C7800 print system offers superb resolution at remarkable print speeds: up to 4,200 sq. ft. per hour in B&W, 3,500 sq. ft. per hour in color.”


(1) KIP c7800 brochure (link to document in my Google Docs library):

(2) Info from the web-site called

Qualified Product Details

Printers — KIP c7800

Digital Color Printer

Product SpecificationsKIP c7800

Product Type




Model Name/Model Number

KIP c7800

Manufacturer Warranty (years)

Yes, existing

Size Format


Color Capability


Marking Technology

Electrophotography (EP)

Monochrome Product Speed (ipm)


Color Product Speed (ipm)


Optional Accessories/Capabilities

Other :Auto Stacker

Continuous Form?


Black DPI


Color DPI


Internal Memory/RAM(MB)


Maximum Default Delay Time to Sleep (minutes)


Automatic Duplex Output Capable


If automatic duplex output capable, is duplexing shipped as the default?


Joel’s further comments:

So, if the “output-speed” of the KIP c7800 is 120 inches per minute (when printing in color), then that means that the output-speed is around 2 inches per second. Or, in terms of 24x36 prints, that print-speed equates to 5 – 24x36 prints per minute. (Note: in KIP’s brochure, it says that the c7800 can output at up to 3,500 sq ft per hour when printing in color. Calculation check: 5 prints x 6 sq ft each x 60 minutes = 3,600 sq ft per hour; close enough.)

Comparison-wise, the output-speed of Xante’s Excelagraphix 4200 is stated to be 12 inches per second, or 6x faster than the KIP c7800. Or, in terms of 24x36 prints, that print-speed equates to 30 – 24x36 prints per minute.

KIP is currently showcasing its new c7800 system at KIP offices around the U.S. (I previously posted KIP’s calendar-schedule for that.) I expect to see the new KIP c7800 at the ISA show in Orlando in late March. Anybody have pricing and operating cost info? (Note that I’ve just e-mailed a KIP representative for pricing and operating cost information.)

KIP has years of experience with wide-format printing systems, something we cannot say about Xante. But, who knows? It could be that Xante’s printer will prove to be a reliable, dependable device. Older reprographers (and I am one of those), will likely recall the initial launch in the U.S., in 1981, of the Shacoh 920 wide-format black & white copier (offering 36” wide output). At the time, the only competition to the Shacoh 920 was Xerox’s 2080 model (which could only output 24” wide, even though it could accept originals 36” wide.) Many reprographers (and, admittedly, I was one of those) were skeptical that the Shacoh 920 could perform reliably and dependably … and, oh boy, we skeptics wrong about that! Shacoh (later renamed KIP) went on to establish strong market-share in the reprographer marketplace.

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