Saturday, February 11, 2012

Quick Comparison: KIP c7800, OCE ColorWave 650, Xante Excelagraphix 4200

KIP C7800

“The KIP C7800 print system offers superb resolution at remarkable print speeds; up to 4,200 sq. ft. per hour in B&W, 3,500 sq. ft. per hour in color.”

Océ ColorWave® 650

“It can print in black & white and color at up to 225 A1 prints per hour for all round productivity.”

Xanté Excelagraphix 4200

“Print speed; up to 12" (305mm) per sec at 1600 dpi x 800 dpi or 6" (152mm) per sec at 1600 dpi x 1600 dpi.”

Quick Comparison:

I put together a table so that I could compare at-a-glance the comparative print-output speeds these three systems offer: (Note: If someone finds an error in my math or typing, please let me know so that I can correct the table!)



Real, actual

sq ft output


per hour (color)

per hour (color)

KIP c7800



Xante Excelagraphix 4200



OCE ColorWave 650



The KIP and OCE systems offer automatic roll-feed and automatic cutting, so it’s my impression that the “actual productivity” (actual sq ft output per hour) of both of these systems will be close to, if not the same as, their rated print-speed output.

The first version of the Xante system will not have a roll-feed option. Nor, will it have automatic cutting. The first version will be a cut-sheet model, with some sort of cut-sheet feeder, similar to what you’d find on an offset printing press. Of course, with a cut-sheet feeder, you wouldn’t need an automatic cutter.) However, at this point, it would, I think, be impossible to say, or predict, what the “actual productivity” (actual sq ft output per hour) will be.

If someone decides to do a comparison chart – for these three systems – to show price comparisons (cost of system, operating costs, service costs, consumable costs etc.), please kindly send me a copy of your work and I’ll post it on the blog.

Are we getting any closer to being able to produce A/E/C plans in color for around the same price per sq ft as b/w?


  1. Beware
    Whilst the KIP figure is a constant regardless of coverage the Oce will be slower, much slower with high coverage.

  2. I sent a email to Xante about their availability and price range and this was the response that I got from them....

    We greatly appreciate your interests in our new product announcement for the Excelagraphix 4200. First customer shipments are currently set for June 2012, so we have not finalized specs, pricing or distribution for this product. We are making a list of all the customers/dealers who are interested in purchasing/distributing the product and plan to begin sending spec sheets, pricing in April 2012.

    The Excelagraphix 4200 uses aqueous dye inks and prints directly to porous substrates that are receptive to water based inks, however, most substrates will have to be treated with an ink jet receptive coating for water based dye inks to get the best print quality and durability. Our output is intended for indoor use unless you use a post treatment such as UV coating or lamination. We raise the print head and can print on substrates up to 1/2 inch or 9.5mm. The first version of this product will be a cut sheet only printer it will not handle roll to roll applications. Our second version of this printer will be a roll fed device but will ship at least a year later.

    Presently, we are projecting that a print head will cost $250 to $300 USD and a liter of ink will cost $350/liter. There are many variables involved, but we estimate at these prices that at 100% coverage (25% use of each color and use of the print head) per sq. ft. would be approximately $0.32 per sq. ft. I believe this would equate to $3.44 USD per m2. Of course, if your output was 30% coverage your cost would be approximately $1.03 USD per m2. Also, the projected price for the printer with an Adobe PS3 software RIP with workflow will be approximately $80,000 to $100,000 USD. The printer uses water-based dye inks, prints up to 42 inches wide on substrates up to 1/2 inch thick at 1600 X 1600 dpi at a speed of 6 inches per second or 12 inches per second at 1600 X 800 dpi resolution.

    I hope this information is helpful and if you have any additional questions please let me know. Thanks again for your interests in our new product.

    Best Regards,

    Mark Swanzy
    Chief Operating Officer
    2800 Dauphin Street
    Mobile, AL 36606
    251-473-6502 Ext. 4202
    251-473-2880 (Fax)
    251-751-5016 (Cell)