Saturday, February 4, 2012

Dietzgen, Azon, National, Precision Paper

Can somebody help me out with answers to these three questions?

Are Azon/National and Precision under the same ownership?

Has Dietzgen been acquired by the owners of Azon/National/Precision?

And, if the answer to that last question is “yes”, can anyone share any of the details about the transaction?


  1. I received an e-mail, yesterday, from a person who said that Dietzgen was sold, about a week ago, to Precision Paper / Azon / National. In an attempt to confirm that, I e-mailed a couple of people who work(ed) for the above mentioned companies, but have not yet heard back from them. A few minutes ago, I noticed the following string on LinkedIn (in the IRgA Group):

    DeWayne Adamson - President at Pantera Global Technology - I am looking for a recommendation for a paper and toner supplier. I would like to resell to my customers. Tried Dietzgen but can't get a return phone call. Any feedback would be appreciated.

    Dennis Tonsager • Dietzgen out of business as of a week ago Friday

    Dave Noll • What geographic area are you located in? I never had a problem with Dietzgen getting back to me. They were purchased by Precision Paper last week.

  2. It's really not a big secret that the controlling interest in National Coatings/Azon, Precision, and CSI (Oce's converter) is held by one person. As far as the asset purchase of Dietzgen from Cenveo, Precision purchased the inventory, and kept on a few of the sales reps to tell the reprographic buying public that everything's going to be okay. There are other manufacturers out there who are more reputable

  3. Thanks for the information. However, as to your last comment, I feel compelled to point out that, over the years I was active in the reprographics business, our companies did a lot (and, I mean a whole lot) of business with Azon, National and Precision, and I found those companies to be totally reputable (and a pleasure to deal with)!

  4. The original Azon and National went out of business years ago. They were reputable and a pleasure to deal with. The new companies are all owned by one entity,who has purchased the customer lists and copyright to the old brand names. I'd thoroughly do my homework on whoever I bought paper from today. You really need to know who you are dealing with. Nick Santorro.