Monday, February 6, 2012

OCE PlotWave 900 and OCE ColorWave 650

From the Google-Analytics reporting attached to my blog, I am aware that my blog is visited, quite frequently, by OCE team members from several different countries. To those visitors: If any of the information that appears below is incorrect/inaccurate, please kindly e-mail me to let me know what to correct. Thank you.

This evening, when I visited OCE’s USA web-site and clicked on “products” and then on “BLACK & WHITE PRINTERS AND PLOTTERS”, my search brought up only three models:

Océ PlotWave® 300 Large Format Printer

Océ TDS750 Large Format Printer

Océ TDS800 Pro Series Printers

And, when I clicked on “products” and then “COLOR PRINTERS AND PLOTTERS”, my search brought up four models:

Océ ColorWave® 600 Large Format Printer

Océ ColorWave 300 Large Format Printer

Océ TCS500 Wide Format Multifunction System

Océ CS2224 Wide Format Printer

What I did not find on OCE’s USA web-site, at least it is not there yet, was any information about two new upcoming OCE models:


- it is my understanding that this new model, which “sounds like” it’ll be the replacement for the OCE TDS800, will be released very, very soon (maybe even this week!) It’s also my understanding that this new model is a “black & white” only printing system.


- it is my understanding that this new model is the “next version” of the highly successful, very popular OCE ColorWave 600. Apparently, the ColorWave 650’s imaging technology will be the same “CrystalPoint” imaging technology used by the ColorWave 600 model. I don’t know when this new OCE ColorWave model will be released. (I’ve got a 458 page operating manual for the OCE ColorWave 650 model, but, if you want one, do your own Google research.)

I don’t have any pricing information or technical specifications information on either of the new models I’ve mentioned in this post.

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  1. Posting a comment I received via e-mail:

    Hi Joel,

    Yes I’ve got this information from local OCE. It was before Xmas because of special offer for CW600 (they needed to “clean” showroom before new models incoming). Based on information that I got, the difference between new and previous model is mostly connected with controllers. The engine will be same (the print quality also), there could be some improvements of small spare parts etc… But I don’t expect any revolution. My estimation is that the new models are only facelift and marketing strategy – same like the upgrade of TDS700 up to TDS750.

    But we will see soon…