Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Very interesting new printing technology - Scodix 1200 Digital Press

In order to truly appreciate this new imaging technology, I think one has to actually “touch and feel” prints produced by the Scodix 1200 Digital Press. In other words, for this one, “a picture may not be worth 1,000 words!”

Can you imagine printing a photograph of a basketball where you can actually feel the grain and grooves on the basketball? I can’t wait to see someone, using Scodix 1200 print technology, print a Mercedes or BMW brochure where the car literally jumps out at you. Or, how about a brochure from an architecture firm that contains renderings of projects, where you can actually feel the renderings?

I noticed this press release, this morning, and wanted to share it with visitors to our blog. At the end of this post, you’ll find a link to Scodix’s web-site. There, you’ll find videos showing Scodix prints.

Tukaiz, One of the First Companies in U.S. to Install Scodix1200

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Press release from the issuing company

Tukaiz, a leading marketing services production company, is one of only three companies nationwide to install the Scodix1200™ Digital Press from Israel, a breakthrough in printing technology that adds dimension and texture to images and words.

The Scodix SENSE™ experience is produced through a completely unique digital printing process that registers a clear polymer to imagery in varying levels of thickness. As a result, promotional materials are printed with life-like sensory perception allowing the user to actually feel the texture and offering a more engaging experience with printed pieces. For example, a printed image of a basketball would have dots and grooves on it, mimicking the feel of a real basketball.

“The Scodix1200™ is an excellent addition to our current digital print capabilities,” said Matt Giandonato, digital print supervisor, Tukaiz. “It’s an amazing and creative alternative that adds high-quality differentiation to printed materials. It complements our service offerings by allowing our customers to enhance the value of their marketing initiatives and stand out from the competition. The implementation of this technology further emphasizes Tukaiz’ continued commitment to offering the most innovative marketing services solutions to our customers.”

Adding to the forward-thinking nature of the Scodix technology, the press and associated process are inherently environmentally-friendly. The process requires no plates or silk, minimum electricity usage, contains no polluting additives, and results in virtually no printing waste.

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  1. I just received an e-mail from a Scodix representative: "The Scodix 1200 Digital Press' price is approximately $400,0000; however we will have some exciting news at Drupa show in few months."