Thursday, June 16, 2011

Another “Project Collaboration” software product for reprographers who serve the A/E/C Industry - this one is called "eCommunication"

I’ve previously mentioned “Project Collaboration” software products developed and offered by ARC and ReproMAX, and, just the other day, I “discovered” another “project collaboration” software product.

For several years by now, Lynn Imaging, a powerhouse regional reprographics company with locations in Kentucky and Ohio, has been offering an e-planroom software product – known as “eDistribution” - to its customers and to other reprographers who want to offer e-planroom services to their A/E/C customers.

When I visited Lynn’s web-site, recently, to find out what’s new with Lynn Imaging, I noticed two things which I think are relatively new to Lynn Imagine – 1) they’ve opened a location in Cincinatti, OHIO and 2) they are now offering a new “project collaboration” software, known as “eCommunication.

I also noticed that Drexel Technologies and Eastern Engineering, two reprographers who serve multiple markets in the mid-west, are using Lynn’s software.

Here’s just a bit of info about Lynn’s eCommunication software:

Lynn Imaging’s eCommunication featured in National Publication

Posted on April 18, 2011 (from Lynn Imaging’s web-site)

Lynn Imaging’s eCommunication has been featured in a national reprographics publication. eCommunication is a construction information management software (CIMS) developed by a group Lynn Imaging is an integral part of. Lynn Imaging is a partner with its clients in helping to manage project documents including submittals, RFIs, ASIs, etc. It not only manages the documents, but also the workflow and approval process of each document is tracked and recorded. Click on the below link to read the article about Lynn Imaging’s eCommunication. Interested in seeing a demonstration? Please contact Lynn Imaging’s Director of Software Development, Amanda Schoonover at

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