Friday, June 3, 2011

U.S. GPO Bid Services and Effective Strategies - profiling "Government Print Management" (and e-LYNXX)

Well, I discovered a very interesting group of businesses, all involved in the “procurement” and “print management” space.

e-LYNXX is the main company……….

e-LYNXX offers a competitive procurement procedure – that is patented* to allow clients to save 25% to 50% by obtaining margin prices from their own quality suppliers. 

Savings are computed based on comparison to historical prices or, at client option, to average of other competitive bids received. 

References are furnished to qualified parties. e-LYNXX offerings provide powerful procurement opportunities. 

e-LYNXX operates three different divisions……

AVS Technology™ licenses the patented* automated vendor selection procedure for use in procuring all specification defined goods and services, including print, textiles, machined parts, etc. (Licenses are required for system developers, providers and end users of ERP, e-procurement and other automated procurement systems.) 

American Print Management® provides web-based print procurement system, print procurement services, recommended best practices and a license for use of the patented* automated vendor selection procedure, that together reduce the costs of direct mail, marketing materials, commercial print, publications, packaging, labels and all other procured print – while ensuring quality and service. (Client stakeholders include CFO, CMO and other high level decision makers with fiduciary responsibility to cut costs.)

Government Print Management® offers U.S. GPO bid services and effective strategies. Successful GPO suppliers have relied for more than 35 years on our exclusive GPO bid services, experience and know-how. (Clients include many of the top 50 GPO contractors and hundreds of printers and others who are part of the GPO print supply chain.)

Here’s what’s said about the division that offers U.S. GPO (folks, that’s the United States Government Printing Office) bid services:

Government Print Management®

U.S. GPO bid services and effective strategies


We are your strategic business growth partner.

Government Print Management revolutionizes the way that print suppliers prospect and compete in the GPO market, enabling them to dramatically improve their sales and profitability. For more than 35 years, we have built long-term, successful partnerships with hundreds of print suppliers resulting in significant, measurable improvements to their revenue and income. We have a proven history of success in offering our GPO bid services and working with our clients in winning contracts with the U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO).

We have participated in millions of awarded projects and have enabled our clients to win billions of dollars of profitable business. We offer exclusive GPO bid services coupled with the expertise, technology and analytics to make your print operation succeed in the GPO market.


We enable improvement of your bottom line.

Government Print Management assists commercial print, direct mail and print marketing suppliers to win profitable print jobs from the U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO). We are a full-service business partner that offers GPO bid services and manages the details required to build and sustain sales volume and profitability. We offer the GPO bid services, expertise and complete spectrum of support services required to position our clients for success and execute on the opportunities.

Clients benefit from our exclusive capabilities which include:

Exclusive GPO bid services

A comprehensive electronic system for obtaining, categorizing and disseminating all available GPO bid solicitations, amendments, results and histories

Unmatched domain expertise and insight gained over a 35-plus year history of working daily with GPO and other government entities

Expert legal staff committed to representing clients, negotiating specification changes and change order requests and ensuring 21-day payment of invoices

The largest database of its kind containing a 20+ year repository of GPO job specifications and bid results


We facilitate your success in a complex government marketplace.

The processes, procedures and insight required to succeed with the GPO can be intimidating and are more complex than those presented by the commercial sector. We employ the most experienced team in the industry and understand better than anyone the intricacies and nuances of doing business with GPO print procurement.

We offer professional GPO bid services, navigate the red tape and manage all details essential to achieving profitable sales. First, we obtain all available GPO bid solicitations and carefully analyze each prospective opportunity to identify those that fit your unique equipment and production requirements. We work with you to win these GPO contracts through a tailored program specific to your strategic priorities and fiscal requirements. Through our full-service approach, we assist you in targeting, pricing and submitting bids to GPO that are appropriate, competitive and complete.

We enable our clients to effectively apply a targeted contribution pricing strategy. By receiving those solicitations through our exclusive GPO bid services that meet production requirements and capabilities, our clients are able to competitively bid GPO projects which fill otherwise unused production capacity.

And, finally, here’s a recent Press Release that was issued by “Government Print Management”…..

Government Print Management Clients Win GPO Print Jobs: May 18 -24, 2011

Press release from the issuing company, May 26, 2011

CHAMBERSBURG, PA – From May 18, 2011, through May 24, 2011, the U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) awarded 103 one-time print jobs to 33 print supplier clients of Government Print Management. The total value in new business for the clients was $330,480. These print suppliers won new business as a result of collaboration with Government Print Management in not only obtaining GPO solicitations that fit their production and schedule requirements, but in gaining an appropriate quality level rating as well as historical pricing information essential to winning the jobs without leaving excess money on the table. The top 10 job winners (in alphabetical order) were:

C.R.T. Printing, Santa Fe Springs, California

Darby Printing, Atlanta, Georgia

Gateway Press, Inc., Louisville, Kentucky

GRC Enterprises, Inc., Warrenton, Virginia

Husky Envelope Products, Walled Lake, Michigan

KD8 Enterprises, Centerville, Utah

KDM Products, Carpentersville, Illinois

Monarch Litho, Inc., Montebello, California

Solo Printing, Inc., Miami, Florida

West Shore Printing & Distribution Corporation, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

Government Print Management, exclusively endorsed by Printing Industries of America (PIA), provides significant improvement to profitability through increased revenues driven by higher optimization of equipment and production capacity. The firm provides goal-oriented representational services, safe and proven advice and counsel, and the tools requisite to helping clients win jobs in government print markets that increase profitability. Services include interpreting job specifications, preparing paper work, cutting red tape, managing the bid process and change order negotiation, as well as invoice preparation and 21-day collection. 

"Clients get fast access to GPO solicitations, immediate response from our expert services team, information from our exclusive historical database of GPO job and market information, and are able to win work profitably," said Deborah Snider, senior vice president of e-LYNXX Corporation and division president of Government Print Management.

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