Thursday, June 9, 2011

Managed Print Services - The Photizo Group - Comments about Reprographers

Most reprographers who’ve attended the past couple of IRgA Conventions have heard Ed Crowley, President/CEO of the Photizo Group, present on the topic of “Managed Print Services” (MPS.)

This morning, I visited this web-site:, which is a web-site operated by the Photizo Group.

I entered “IRGA” in the search box on that web-site and found an interesting post, authored by Mr. Crowley, in which he mentioned his visit to the IRgA Convention that was held in Palm Springs, CA in May 2010 (so, last year.)

For those of you who are interested in the “FM” or “MPS” business, I encourage you to visit this internet address (see next paragraph) to read Mr. Crowley’s comments about his visit to the IRgA Convention

By way of preview to his comments in the article/post I just mentioned, the title of the article/post is…

“MPS Reaching New Frontiers”

A few “snippets” of things Mr. Crowley mentioned in his article/post:

“From IKON’s event, I jogged (not literally) across the country to Palm Springs California to speak at the IRgA Convention. Now, if you aren’t familiar with the IRgA convention it’s of no surprise. This group consists of firms like KIP, ReproMAX and Estefold who sell into the wide format reprographics market. These are the guys that sell systems to architectural or construction offices for printing blueprints, diagrams, schematics and the like.”

“So what the heck am I doing speaking to this group of independent IRgA resellers about MPS and hybrid dealers? Well, these guys are actually starting to see the impact of MPS into their market space.”

“So for the IRgA dealers MPS represents both a threat (an MPS provider could ‘take-away’ their business as part of an MPS contract) and an opportunity (they could reach out and grab the distributed fleet if they develop MPS capabilities).”

The article/post I’ve mentioned is, I think, well worth reading in its entirety. In my humble (yet experienced) opinion, Mr. Crowley was ‘dead on’ when he said that MPS represents both a threat (to) and an opportunity (for) reprographers.

If you are a reprographer and are not yet involved in MPS (FM’s), then it is not unlikely that “someday” you will receive a call from one of your large A/E/C customers, informing you that your (outsourced) reprographics services will no longer be necessary because they have (meaning, your customer has) entered into an MPS (FM) agreement that covers “all” of their reprographics and imaging needs.

Mr. Crowley’s company, The Photizo Group, offers consulting services to reprographers who want to get involved in MPS (FM’s.) This is not an ad for the Photizo Group.

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  1. Extremely interesting short. I'm currently engaged in exactly this activity with a commercial sheet fed printer who has woken up to the opportunity and threat MPS staring the business in the face.