Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kevin Rowe is now National VP of Sales of iPlanTables

Yesterday, I “connected” with Kevin Rowe on LinkedIn, and, although we did not chat by e-mail or by phone (or through LinkedIn), I learned that Kevin is now involved with “iPlanTables”, per his profile information on LinkedIn.

For those of you who do not know Kevin Rowe, well, he is a long-term veteran of the reprographics industry – involved in the industry since around 1981. While he was the President & CEO of Western Blue Print, one of the powerhouse reprographics operations in the middle part of the U.S., if not one of the premier reprographics operations in the U.S., he founded the U.S. Reprographics Network. I learned from his LinkedIn profile that U.S. Reprographics Network is now the “National Construction Network.”

But, that’s not the point of today’s post. The point of today’s post is iPlanTables. I don’t know a great deal, yet, about the new business that Kevin is involved in. But, I did visit the iPlanTable web-site to see what’s up with that.

Just my initial impression of an iPlanTable – if I was a real estate developer, I’d want one of those in my office – if I was in the General Contracting business, I’d want one of those in my estimating department and one at every large-project construction job-site.

My eyesight is not all that great. I hate looking at plans on tiny screens (iPhone, you’ve got to be kidding; iPad, a bit better, but, c’mon, still too small for me, too much scrolling, panning and zooming.) I like large screen displays for looking at drawings. Kevin’s got that in iPlanTables.

I’m sure there’s more to iPlanTables that it just being a big screen display. I hope to get more details, directly from Kevin, and, if I do, I’ll do a follow-up post to let you know more.

Best wishes to Kevin for great success with iPlanTables.

Here’s some of the stuff on Kevin’s LinkedIn profile:

Kevin Rowe

Powerful Design and Construction Viewing Workstations

National VP of Sales and Marketing


Construction industry

April 2011 – Present (3 months)

The design and construction industries first viewing, collaborating, project management and archiving workstation

President and CEO

US Reprographics

Construction industry

January 1997 – April 2011 (14 years 4 months)

US Reprographics Network is now the National Construction Network. US Reprographics started in 1997 linking and providing services to reprographers nationwide. As the industry has changed and paper is being eliminated we have turned our technical knowledge to the whole design and construction information industry

formerly: President and CEO

Western Blue Print

Construction industry

February 1981 – August 2004 (23 years 7 months)

Western Blue Print is a 100 year old blueprint / reprographics firm. Starting in 1981 as the junior sales person I retired from the company as President and CEO.

Western Blue was sold to a national company 15 months later

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