Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Message to Reprographers - Request for Reprographics Industry Information !!!

I decided to start “Reprographics 101”, in part, because I felt the industry lacked a central, unbiased ‘site’ on the Internet that reprographers could visit, on a routine basis, to find out “what’s up, what’s going on”, in and around the reprographics industry.

Since reprographers don’t live in a vacuum – what’s going on in other industries, industries reprographers typically serve – Reprographics 101 also contains ‘posts’ about developments in those other industries, in particular, developments in, or affecting, the A/E/C industry.

Admittedly, it is a very tedious, time consuming process to hunt for information that I think might be of interest to reprographers. I’M ONLY ONE PERSON, and I could surely use your help! Several people who are frequent visitors of this blog do bring stuff to my attention. And, I’m very appreciative of that help.

As an example, I would not have known that ARC purchased Badger Blueprint in WS had one of my blog visitors not brought that deal to my attention. And, had I not written about ARC’s acquisition of Badger, I would very likely not have learned, directly from ARC, about the other acquisitions ARC recently completed. One thing led to another.


- - Reprographers who’ve closed locations or, worse yet, reprographers who’ve shut-down their businesses altogether.

- - Reprographers who’ve opened new locations; either new locations in markets in which they already had locations or new locations in new market areas.

- - Mergers and Acquisitions in all market areas, U.S. and Europe. Who bought what and when. Who sold what and when.

- - Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 Filings.

- - New and Innovative Software developed to serve reprographers and/or their customers.

- - New and Innovative Equipment developed for reprographers (although, this can be quite boring, and I like to keep this to a bare minimum.)

- - Business “diversification” efforts that are working (as well as those that did not work).

- - Major news about the industry’s key vendors.

- - News about reprographers – everywhere.

Thank you.

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