Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Legacy Decisions and Facing Uncertainty

I read an excellent article on www.whattheythink.com, this morning, and wanted to share that article with my blog visitors.

Here’s the beginning of that article …..

Commentary & Analysis

Legacy Decisions and Facing Uncertainty

By Jennifer Matt Published: June 7, 2011

A few years ago I met a friend of my father's who was a top executive at IBM, he had a forty-year career with the company. I asked him of all the incredible changes that had happened over the timespan of his career, what was the greatest change to his day-to-day job? He went on to say that during his initial leadership positions at IBM he made a few decisions a month. In the last twenty years he was literally making a few decisions a day.

Pace isn't a surprising comment on what's changed over the last forty years, but his follow up was even more interesting. He said his batting average (good vs. not so good decisions) had definitely suffered under the increased velocity, which led him to have to develop the courage and skill of reversing, letting go, and backing out of previous decisions.

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