Wednesday, June 8, 2011

PLP Digital Systems Expands Its Blueprint For Change Program


PLP Digital Systems is expanding its Blueprint for Change program to help reprographers meet today's demands for Construction Information Management (CIM). This four-month marketing strategy program, which piloted in 2010, is now accepting applications for the 2011 session.

Construction technology represents a significant opportunity to companies with strong relationships in AEC, but whose services have been commoditized and whose volumes are dropping by as much as 30 percent year over year. The Blueprint for Change strategy program is designed to guide these print companies into a new market position, and change their brand to increase sales.

"Changes in the construction industry in the way digital content is managed, shared, and distributed is challenging our customers to stay relevant and strategic to their AEC customers. PLP has always worked to help our customers succeed, and we're excited with the progress our pilot B4C participants have seen," said John Cronin, CEO of PLP.

PLP Digital Systems has partnered with PLS Launch Solutions, a marketing strategy firm, to offer the Blueprint program. President Michele Gleber said, "It's tremendously satisfying to help these businesses change and to measure their progress, not in just a new look or tagline, but real revenue growth from technology and CIM services."

Pilot participants were leading companies like Duncan-Parnell, Lynn Imaging, and Barker Blue, who each have completed major rebranding efforts and seen improved technology sales in 2010.

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  1. Having gone through this program as one of the initial participants, I thought it was a great use of resources/time. PLP and John Cronin have always been leaders in reprographics, even though they aren't really in reprographics, and I think this programs really helped a lot of the attendees look more closely at what they're doing now, why it's maybe not working for them, and what they could be doing better to be be perceived differently by their clients.

    It was nice to have the viewpoints of PLS in there as well so it's not just a bunch of blueprinters echoing complaints off one another.

    They really helped us lay some good marketing groundwork and provided the follow up to make sure stuff got done, which is more than you can say for most conferences or seminars.

    I think the biggest thing we got out of it was coining the term "CIM" for Construction Information Managers in a way to better explain what reprographers did.