Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wide Format Means Big Opportunity…Selling it Right

There’s an article on the Digital Nirvana web-site, this morning, that should be of interest to reprographers who are either considering an expansion of their wide-format color businesses or who are considering getting involved, for the first time, in offering wide-format color services.

Here’s the title of that article, and, below the lead paragraph, I’ve copied the “topics” covered by that article…..

Wide Format Means Big Opportunity…Selling it Right

By Guest Contributor on June 6th, 2011

The wide format printing business is unquestionably a great business opportunity for commercial printers, quick printers, and graphic arts firms. You can still get an excellent profit margin if you produce good work, develop your customer account base, and deliver the goods reliably. Because the wide format digital printing market is also highly fragmented, there is no “one way” to sell wide format print that suits all types of wide format printing organizations.

Strategies for Success

Know your product

Know your market

Know your customers

Know your competition

A good pricing strategy is critical

The Bottom Line

To access the complete article, go to: and then

scroll down to the article with the title

I referenced above.

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