Thursday, June 9, 2011

I think someone just set a new record for “time spent” on Reprographics 101

Per Google Analytics statistics (a free service we use to monitor activity on Reprographics 101), someone in “Sunset Beach”, CA, over the past 48 hours, spent 3 hours and 4 minutes, viewing a total of 44 “articles/posts” on Reprographics 101.

Inasmuch as part of the reason for Reprographics 101 is to assist in the education of younger reprographers, new or fairly new to the reprographics business and industry, I hope this particular visitor fit that mold. But, I’m also aware that many people who visit Reprographics 101 are older folks who’ve been involved in the reprographics business and industry for many years, and that they visit simply because of the “nostalgia” aspect of Reprographics 101.

Reprographics 101 is still getting visits – from all over the world, I might add - from people who are reading the several posts we did, a few months ago, about Xerox’s decision to stop selling wide-format in the U.S.

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