Thursday, June 2, 2011

ReproMAX Members Award The First Annual Mike Duff Award

PRESS RELEASE issued by ReproMAX

Cathie Cushing Duff was awarded the first annual Mike Duff Award at the ReproMAX 2011 Spring Executive Conference in Las Vegas.

The Mike Duff Award is the highest individual recognition offered by ReproMAX. It is awarded to an individual who generously gives their time and talent to improve the value of their membership and the organization.

For more than thirty years, the members of ReproMAX have shared the common belief that reprographic companies can become more effective, successful, and profitable by pooling knowledge and resources. No one embodied that belief more than Mike Duff. Cathie Cushing Duff’s consistent efforts epitomize the spirit of ReproMAX’s inaugural award.

“I was genuinely shocked and enormously flattered to receive this honor. I am gratified to think that some of the experiences I shared with Mike—and my father and brother—have rubbed off on me. I can only hope that all our colleagues will enjoy the same satisfaction that he did in leaving the playing field better than he found it,” said Cushing.

Duff strongly believed that through sharing and learning everyone would benefit and become smarter, stronger and more competitive. He passionately believed that the industry should be populated by many companies working together to develop new techniques and advance new technologies. He knew that we could learn more from enthusiastically working together with other members in the industry than from any school; and he often proved it. His leadership and initiative in developing services for ReproMAX companies is an inspiration for the premise that we function as partners with our clients, anticipating needs and solving problems.

There is no better way to remember his contribution than to recognize other members who generously give their time and talent to improve the value of their membership. It would please him greatly to know that he could be the inspiration for another person to take up where he left off and improve the industry.

Joel’s comments:

First, I’d like to congratulate Cathie on winning this award. She’s one of those rare treasures in the reprographics industry, a person who has given much to many.

The entire Cushing family is cut from the same mold, and an excellent mold that proved to be. If there was a reprographer HALL of FAME, I can think of at least four Cushing family members who would be installed in that shrine – Cathie Cushing Duff, Mike Duff (RIP) Joe Cushing and, last but certainly not least, one of my all time favorite industry “guys”, Jack Cushing (RIP.)

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