Saturday, October 1, 2011

Eastman-Kodak: headed for bankruptcy?

Dying a slow death because of the transition from analog to digital?

Interesting article, this morning, on about Eastman-Kodak

In the final paragraph of that article, the author says this:

“It’s taken decades for Kodak’s final picture to develop — but the corporate skull and crossbones it depicts is the result of too much success leading to a slow and painful inability to adapt to a changing competitive landscape.”

One thing’s for sure; if no one had ever invented digital camera technology and digital printing technology, Kodak’s film and processing business would likely still be a strong annuity generator.

You read the full article at this Internet address:

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  1. Kodak States No Intention to File for Bankruptcy

    Tuesday, October 04, 2011

    Press release from the issuing company

    Eastman Kodak Company, in response to rumors circulating in the capital markets, issued the following statement:

    "Kodak is committed to meeting all of its obligations and has no intention of filing for bankruptcy. The company also continues to actively pursue its previously announced strategy to monetize its digital imaging patent portfolio. Kodak remains focused on meeting its commitments to customers and suppliers, and on delivering on its strategy to become a profitable, sustainable digital company.

    "It is not unusual for a company in transformation to explore all options and to engage a variety of outside advisers, including financial and legal advisers. Jones Day is one of a number of advisers that Kodak is working with in that regard."