Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Which Reprographics Companies have GONE OUT OF BUSINESS since the start of the Great Recession?

The RW Baird Third Quarter 2011 Reprographers Survey is finished, has been published, and, if you're an IRgA member, can be accessed by visiting the IRgA’s web-site.
I’d like to thank RW Baird for furnishing me a courtesy copy of the survey results.
Because the survey results are intended only for IRgA members, I am not going to post a copy of the survey in my Google Docs library, nor am I going to reveal the content or results of the survey …. with one minor exception, as you’ll see below.
Here’s the exception. In the survey, this statement was made:
“This quarter’s rotating question indicates that approximately 40% of reprographers have seen a competitor go out of business since the beginning of the recession.”
On Reprographics 101, I’ve previously mentioned the Chapter 11 Bankruptcies of Florida Reprographics (Tampa, FL), United Reprographics (Seattle, WA). But, in spite of Chapter 11 filings, those two companies are still in business; in other words, they’ve not gone out of business.
DigiPlot, formerly of Boca Raton and Ft Lauderdale, FL, did go out of business. Mid-City Blue (WI) did go out of business.
Inasmuch as there are, evidently, other reprographics companies that have gone out of business since the start of the Great Recession (Dec 2007) – and I’m saying that given the response Baird got to that rotating question – and inasmuch as I would like to be able to share “gone out of business” news with my blog-visitors, I’d like to ask my blog-visitors to tell me the names (and city locations) of reprographics companies they know of who’ve gone out of business since the Great Recession started. You can post that information in a comment to this post or you can e-mail the information to me (see header of blog for my e-mail address.)

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  1. Note from the author: when I originally did this post, I inadvertently - and incorrectly - included Badger Blueprint as a company that had gone out of business. That error was almost immediately noticed by one of my frequent blog visitors, and, after I realized what I had done, I edited the post to remove Badger's name. My apologies to the Badger team, which is now under ARC ownership. (And my apologies to ARC.) Joel