Friday, October 14, 2011

Further on Nova Blue Reprographics Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

This post is a brief follow-up to previous posts on this blog about Nova Blue Reprographics’ Chapter 11 Bankruptcy case.

First, I want to mention that I would not be surprised, one bit, if one of the larger DC-area reprographics companies makes an offer to purchase the assets (and goodwill and customer list) of Nova Blue Reprographics and, subsequently, completes that offer, which would require the consent of the Trustee of this case as well as approval from the Bankruptcy court. Given the competitive landscape in the reprographics industry in the Washington, DC Metro area, I would think that ABC Imaging would take a look at acquiring Nova Blue Repro, and I think that would apply to ARC as well. And, maybe NRI would have an interest in looking at Nova Blue Repro. My own personal opinion is that, if Nova Blue Repro is acquired, the most likely acquirer would be ABC Imaging.

Second, okay, here’s a very brief update, based on filings I briefly looked at this morning:

(Note: Documents for this case can be found at, but please note that you have to register with “pacer” (and get an account) before you can access any documents.)


According to a report filed by the Chapter 11 Trustee on October 4th, 2011, Nova Blue Reprographics has closed its locations in Fredericksburg and Winchester , VA and plans to relocate three northern Virginia locations to new facilities in Gainesville, Herndon and Chantilly, VA (i.e., these three locations to replace existing locations that need to be vacated.)

“Income” (gross income, cash basis, NOT net income) reported for:

June 2011 - - - $122,028.

July 2011 - - - $ 105,567.

August 2011 - - - $ 139,017


I’ve posted into my Google Docs library copies of Nova Blue Repro’s most recent “monthly” operating reports – these are reports filed with the BK court to let the court know how things are going with the business.

For the June 2011 Operating Report – click on this link:

For the July 2011 Operating Report – click on this link:

For the August 2011 Operating Report – click on this link:

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