Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Service Point Solutions – 1st Half 2011 Financial Results Report

I’m not sure exactly when this (the above-referenced) document was put up on Service Point Solutions’ web-site, but it is now there. The only problem is that I could not find where SPS has published an English-language version, so the Spanish-language version will have to suffice, unless you want to go though the simple steps to use Google Translate to generate a Spanish-language version. Caution, though, for Google Translate does not generate “perfect” translations.

First, here’s where I’ve put a copy of the Spanish-language version of the 1st Half 2011 Financial Results Report.

Second, if you want to generate an English-language version of this report, using Google Translate, then here’s how to do that (for those of you who are even more computer-literacy challenged than I am):

Step 1, go to

Step 2, in the upper right hand corner of the home page, click on “Espanol” (Spanish) to make sure that you have the Spanish-language version of SPS’ web-site, for the financial results reports only appear on the Spanish version of their web-site.

Step 3, on the top line, click on “Inversores” (Investors), and then, when you do that, it will give you several selections (in a drop down) to choose from – choose the drop-down that says “Informacion Economico Financiera”, and, after you click on that, look at the side bar on the right side of the page and select “Resultados” and then you can select the “Segundo Trimestre” Junio 2011 report.


Step 4, Print that file to a pdf file, saved on your computer.

Step 5, go to Google Translate and then tell Google Translate that you want to translate from Spanish to English and then upload the document and hit translate. Within seconds, you’ll have a Google-translated English-language version.

Whew, again.

I’m very curious as to why SPS does not translate all of its Financial Results Reports and all of its Press Releases into English. Not all of SPS’ shareholders (or prospective shareholders) understand Spanish. Is it possible that SPS is not creating English-language versions of these documents in order to make it very difficult for me to write about its results??? By the time I’ve figured out what it says (or, what I think it says ……and what it doesn’t say), I’m too tired to analyze and comment!

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