Monday, October 31, 2011

OCE to discontinue OCE Plan Center !!!

It’s official!

Effective January 1, 2012, OCE will no longer provide access to the OCE Plan Center on-line hosting service, rendering the software non-functional. In addition, OCE will no longer provide technical support or updates.

OCE has documented a process whereby you can export the files you are currently storing on the OCE Plan Center server. For information about that process, call OCE at 1-800-661-2966.

The two paragraphs that appeared immediately above were copied from a letter that, evidently, OCE has distributed to its OCE Plan Center customers.

I’ve placed a copy of that letter in my Google Docs library, and here’s the link to that letter:

For those of you who have been using OCE Plan Center as your e-planroom service and are planning to replace OCE Plan Center with another Internet-based e-planroom service, I did a post on my blog, several months ago, that mentioned a variety of Internet-based “e-planroom” services. Some of the options that come quickly to mind are ARC’s PlanWell, ReproConnect, RSA’s PlanCommand, and Lynn Imaging’s eDistribution.


  1. Can anyone provide any additional information as to why OCE is throwing in the towel ? Could it be OCE is having the same problem that dominates the industry? That is to say, paying for plans on line is about as popular as a " root canal " ?

  2. Is there any alternative planroom software (other than DFS) that allow file management to be done by the client?
    -Frankie R