Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Google Docs vs. FileApartment (and vs. other cloud storage services that are not free.)

The other day, I posted an e-mal I received, from ARC, about ishipdocs Version 2.0

Someone later visited Reprographics 101 and posted a comment; this comment indicating that a product called “fileapartment” would be another alternative (for file sharing.)

I visited this web-site:


And, just one comment: To support Reprographics 101 (that’s this blog), I occasionally have the need to share “files” associated with various articles posted on this blog. I’ve been doing that by using “Google Docs”. The nice thing about “Google Docs” is that it is very simple to use and, even better, it’s free. So, I find myself wondering, “why would I want to pay to use fileapartment, when I can use Google Docs for free?” There is more to ishipdocs than just file sharing or file transmission – ishipdocs does link to a print-partner network. I can’t say the same thing about fileapartment.

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  1. Frequently Asked Questions for File Apartment

    How is File Apartment different then YouSendIt?
    YouSendIt only allows 100 MB to be sent for free. File Apartment allows up to 1 gigabyte for free. Also, our offering is simpler and cheaper for most purposes and we require no registration to use any of our plans.

    When I upload a file, it takes a long time. Why?
    We do not do anything to tamper with your upload speed. If your speed is slow, it may be because Internet providers sometimes tone down upload speeds. You can test your upload and download speeds at http://www.speedtest.net. If you find speed concerns, please contact the provider to discuss.

    Will you have a subscription plan?
    We are considering it and looking into options. There is no timeframe on when or if there will be one, but if you are interested, please email us at fileapartment@fileapartment.com and let us know, so we have an idea of demand.

    Can the plans become more flexible or will they change?
    Yes, the plans will be modified over time as we understand which plans are being used and how our users are using the site. It is in our best interest to continuously gauge our customers and make site improvements/tweaks over time.

    What is the difference between File Apartment and Google Docs?
    Google Docs allows users to collaboratively share and edit word processing and spreadsheet documents. File Apartment allows users to exchange files of any type up to 1 GB with colleagues and friends.

    When I try to upload a file, I see a "x" in the middle of the screen and don't see where I can start my upload. What's going on?
    This means you need to install the latest Flash from Adobe's web site.

    I used a non-free plan and there is a problem. How can I get a refund or exchange?
    Simply contact us at fileapartment@fileapartment.com and we will look into the situation. Our goal is to make sure our users are happy with our product. We will work with you to make sure the situation is resolved expediently and with the best possible results that benefits all parties.

    How secure are you and what's your privacy policy/terms of service?
    We have gone through great lengths to ensure the security of our users. It's an utmost priority. We are PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant, which encompasses that all credit card information is neither seen by a human nor stored in the database. All uploading activity is done over a secure connection (note the https). We do downloads only over http, as it maximizes speed to receive the file for your recipients.

    We have a privacy policy and terms of service that clearly spells out our agreement. We follow these agreements very strictly. The privacy policy and terms of service can also be read from the bottom of the home page.

    What's AcceleWeb, Inc. and how is it connected to File Apartment?
    AcceleWeb, Inc. is a web site holding company, creating simple and easy to use Internet sites for businesses and consumers. Our web sites focus on simplistic UI and high value for our users. File Apartment is one of the products incubated from AcceleWeb, Inc.

    How can we reach you?
    Email: fileapartment@fileapartment.com

    Is it possible to license the File Apartment platform for our organization?
    We are open to enterprise and corporate licenses. The software is easily installable on-site or we can provide it as a hosted solution. Please contact us at fileapartment@fileapartment.com if you are interested in pricing and options.