Saturday, October 8, 2011

Which U.S. reprographics company is the oldest one and still in operation as an independent company?

What with all of the acquisitions ARC (and others) have completed over the past 15 years, some of the oldest reprographics companies in the U.S. no longer operate as independent companies.

If my memory serves me correctly, I can think of one, as an example, that was founded prior to 1900, that was acquired by ARC and no longer operates under its own name; this one being Leet-Melbrook (Washington DC market area.)

And, I’m pretty sure that City Blueprint, Cleveland, Ohio, was founded prior to 1900, but City Blue went out of business several years ago.

There are two independent reprographers that come immediately to mind as “founded prior to 1900”:

B.L. Makepeace, Inc (Makepeace Repro) Boston,MA

“In Business Since 1895

NRI (National Reprographics, Inc.) (based in New York City)

“In 1898, National Blue Print Company was located in a small loft on 17th Street, in Union Square, and offered only one service, blueprinting.”

And, this one was founded before 1920:

Gardens Repro (Baltimore, MD)

“Gardens Reprographics is the oldest locally owned and managed Reprographics Company in the Baltimore area. Since 1919 we have provided our customers with the highest level of quality and service for more than 85 years.”

If you know of a reprographics company that was founded prior to WWII – and is still operating as an independent company – please let me know the name of the company, where it operates and the date that it was founded. Thank you.



    DP, part of ARC, was founded in 1917

    Cushing stands for premier reprographic imaging, as it has since 1929 when we first presented the best in blueprinting. Today, we offer the latest in digital and color reproductions, as well as the ability to securely manage digital files online. More than 80 years serving Chicagoans have helped us gain the expertise and technology to give you quick turnaround with outstanding customer service. Your priorities are our priority. And, as always, we're in tune with your concerns. We are happy to include options to help you meet your sustainability goals and are well-known for our ability and enthusiasm to meet customized service needs.

  3. Atlantic Blueprint Co.
    Since 1923 Family Owned and Operated
    3 Locations - Nassau County, Suffolk County and NYC