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Quick Profile: Thomas Reprographics Acquisition Activity

Prior to the onset of the Great Recession (and, near the beginning of the Great Recession), Thomas Reprographics was very active in acquiring reprographics companies.

Thomas Repro, either in its own name or under the name of acquired companies, operates in Texas, Arizona, Minnesota and Florida. Thomas is third or fourth largest “reprographics enterprise” in the world, and the second or third largest “reprographics enterprise” in the U.S.

Thomas has not announced any reprographics-company acquisitions since July 1st, 2008. One wonders when Thomas Repro will resume its acquisition activities (or will that never happen?)

Earlier this year, ARC said that it had completed acquisitions of (at least) three small reprographics companies. And, recently, ARC’s China affiliate completed the acquisition of a Chinese reprographics company. And, ABC Imaging, one of the largest reprographics companies in the U.S. and the world, did some sort of deal with Bruce Wiener, formerly President of BW Reprographics (of NJ/NY), although I don’t know if that deal could be characterized as an acquisition, or not. One of ABC’s senior officers told me that ABC Imaging did not acquire BW Reprographics. But, nonetheless, Bruce Wiener, owner of BW Reprographics, has joined ABC Imaging’s business development team, so you’ll have to put your own spin on what really went down.

As to Thomas Reprographics’ acquisition activities, here’s a very quick look back:

Thomas Reprographics Acquires AccuGraphics in Austin

July 1, 2008 — Thomas Reprographics,Inc. is pleased to announce the acquisition of AccuGraphics, Inc. in Austin, Texas from Terry and Patty Meyers.

Winter Park Blue New to the Thomas Reprographics Family of Companies

April 1, 2008 — Thomas Reprographics, Inc. is pleased to announce the acquisition of Winter Park Blue, a second-generation print solutions company in Orlando, Florida.

Thomas Reprographics Acquires A&E - The Graphics Complex in Houston

January 1, 2007 — A&E - The Graphics Complex, a 42 year old, Houston based family-owned printing company, has been acquired by Thomas Reprographics, Inc.

Thomas Reprographics Acquires Reprografia and Digiprint in South Florida

October 16, 2006 — Thomas Reprographics has acquired Reprografia, Inc. and Digiprint, Inc. from Richard and Linda Caso. Established in 1980 as a blueprint and materials supplier to Architects and Engineers, Reprografia has evolved and grown into a full service reprographic resource for the architecural/construction communities and beyond. They have four locations in the South Florida area including Miami, Coral Gables, West Palm Beach and Pompano Beach.

Thomas Reprographics Acquires Precision Reprographics in South Florida

December 1, 2005 — Thomas Reprographics has acquired Precision Reprographics as of December 1, 2005. Precision operates locations in Ft Lauderdale, FL and North Palm Beach, FL.

Thomas Reprographics Acquires Vanco Reprographics

August 1, 2005 — Thomas Reprographics, Inc. is pleased to announce the acquisition of Vanco Reprographics in Houston, Texas from Chris DeLaGarza effective July 31, 2005.

Thomas Reprographics Acquires Blaylock Reprographics

July 1, 2005 — Thomas Reprographics, Inc. is pleased to announce the acquisition of Blaylock Reprographics, Inc. from Mark and Nancy Blaylock effective July 1, 2005. Blaylock Reprographics opened in 1986 and offers traditional reprographic services, as well as, small and large format color services to their valued clients. Over the past nineteen years, they have expanded to sixty employees with four locations in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, one in Phoenix, Arizona and one in Tempe, Arizona.

Thomas Reprographics Acquires Go Repro

March 1, 2005 — Thomas Reprographics has acquired Go Repro in Phoenix, Arizona from Steve Richter. Go Repro has 15 employees in one Phoenix location.

Thomas Reprographics Acquires Cline Graphics

December 1, 2004 — Thomas Reprographics acquired Cline Graphics in Houston, Texas effective December 1, 2004. Cline Graphics provides fleet graphics (truck sides, vehicle wraps, bus graphics, etc.) for clients such as Eagle Global Logistics, Academy, Ryder Truck Lines and Mattress Firm.

Albinson Reprographics and ProColor Join Forces

August 16, 2004 — Albinson Reprographics and Professional Color Services (ProColor) joined forces today, August 16, 2004. Both companies will continue their unique business offerings while benefiting from this strategic union. (Albinson is a Thomas-owned company.)

Thomas Reprographics Acquires Tucson Blueprint

August 1, 2004 — Thomas Reprographics announced the acquisition of Tucson Blueprint from Richard Grijalza effective August 1, 2004. Tucson Blueprint has twenty employees and two locations in Tucson, Arizona.

Well, okay, those were the acquisitions listed in announcements on Thomas Repro’s web-site. Prior to that, Thomas Repro also completed these acquisitions:

Carich Reprographics, Dallas, TX.

Carich was owned by Dick and Carin Wittrup. Carich was a member of MiniMax. Carich was one of the principal founders of ReproCAD.

Albinson Reprographics, Minneapolis, MN.

Thomas Reprographics' "near misses":

Thomas Reprographics came very close to buying Reprographics Technologies, Inc. (which was based in Washington, DC). But, ARC came in at the last second and purchased RTI from Darras McCord.

Thomas Reprographics made an informal offer to buy NGI (National Graphic Imaging) (FL and Atlanta), but NGI was purchased by ARC.

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